Regions Cup Report

Yesterday marked an Historic Day for Connacht / Ulster in their victory over Leinster / Munster at the AUL Complex Dublin. T

Regions Cup Decider

 Connacht / Ulster 2 Leinster / Munster 1


They came, they seen, and they conquered

The Connacht / Ulster Squad made history after making this difficult trip to the AUL Complex Dublin to take up the challenge of the Leinster /Munster squad. The stakes could not be higher with the victors winning the right to represent the Republic of Ireland in the Regions Tournament next year.


Connacht/Ulster were managed on the day by John Loftus Sligo Leitrim DSL and Gareth Gorman Mervue United two excellent mangers that as a team work brilliantly together.

However, this was a different ball game, with the winner take all, against the best players in the amateur game on show.


Connacht / Ulster started well with Keeper Gary Cunningham in outstanding form he had a back four of captain Peter Doherty Matthew Byrne, Ousin McColgan and John Mc Loughlin who had the better of the exchanges against the attacking Leinster/Munster team lead from the front by Shane Stritch at centre forward with Jimmy Carr on the right flank Darren Craven on the left side while Eoin Hayes was very active attacking at every opportunity but each time Connacht /Ulster held sold. Midfield was won by the outstanding James Bradley for Connacht/Ulster who’s energy and drive giving ample scope to the hard working Darren Browne at Centre forward so well assisted by Daragh Mc Daid Terence Doherty and Johnathan Hanafin. Both sides in wet condition’s gave the first half everything yet the scores remained level at the break.


The second half seen Connacht / Ulster again in control and cometh the hour, cometh the Man Daire Mc Daid scored not once but twice that in the end insured Connacht / Ulster will represent the Republic of Ireland in next years Regions Cup. Leinster scored a late goal but it was too little too late.

A historic day in the history of Junior Soccer for the two Associations Connacht / Ulster who waited so long to have their voices heard and they did so in style. Make no mistake about it, this was a class Leinster/Munster panel but on the day the better team showed their credential’s made all the more remarkable when some of the Ulster players had left their homes that morning at 6.30am to drive to Dublin each and everyone of them have done Connacht/Ulster proud and will wear that green shirt with pride.




Gary Cunningham Peter Doherty Captain Matthew Byrne Ousin Mc Colgan John Mc Loughlin James Bradley Daire Mc Daid James Henry Darren Browne Terence Doherty Jonathan Hanafin Gerry Canavan Cillian Mc Glade Eoin Whelan Gary Bailey Dylan Doherty



Brendan O Connell Captain Chris Higgins Garron Manley Stephen Kelly Noel Murray James Lee Jimmy Carr Stephen Chambers Shane Strich Eoin Hayes Darren Craven Jimmy Mc Hugh Karl Meelinly Cillian Dully Niall Barnes Gary Neville David Fagan Niall Howley