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We hope you'll enjoy browsing through the stories and photo's both old and new. The league is steeped in history, both local and international and we hope the site will rekindle some fond memories. Have a look around and please feel free to contact us with any comments, queries, stories or photos you may have.
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Jackie Crossan Premier Division 29/03/2015

Top Two win and still all to play for

Culdaff 2-3 QPS:Buncrana 2-1 Moville LS

Clonmany 3-0 Carn:Illies 0-2 Aileach: Rasheney 1-4 Glengad

Strand Hotel First Division 29/03/2015

Redcastle keep pressure on Greencastle

Killea 0-3 Redcastle: Gleneely 2-4 Greencastle

Cockhill Yth 3-2 Carrowmena

Inishowen Engineering Reserve Premier Division 29/03/2015

Buncrana regain top spot

Cockhill Clt 1-3 Glengad:  QPS 0-1 Buncrana

Moville P Rasheney: Redcastle 0-2 Aileach

Inishowen Engineering Reserve Division Reports 29/03/2015

Greencastle edge out Rasheney Rovers in an eleven goal game

Sea Rovers 6-0 Carrowmena: Illies 4-0 Cockhill

Aileach Yths V Culdaff: Dunree 0-0 Carn:

Greencastle 6-5 Rasheney Rvs

Fr O' Gara Cup

Fr O'Gara Cup Draw

Redcastle V Culdaff Res: Illies Res V Sea Rovers

Qps Res/Moville Res V Buncrana Res: Greencastle V Aileach Youths

Jackie Crossan Premier Division Reports 22/03/2015

Aileach extend their lead at the top

Clonmany 1-1 Culdaff: Rasheney 0-1 Illies

Moville 1-3 Aileach

Hannon & Greene sponsored Fr. O' Gara Cup Reports 22/03/2015

Illies Reserves cause the shock of the day

Cockhill Yth 2-3 Illies Res : Greencastle 8-2 Clonmany Res

Carrowmena 0-3 Redcastle: Redcastle 1-5 QPS : Aileach Yth 6-2 Aileach Res

Buncrana Res 2-0 Killea: Culdaff Res 3-2 Glengad Res: Sea Rovers 4-2 Gleneely

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Jackie Crossan Premier Division

Team P Pts
Aileach 17 38
Glengad 15 34
Buncrana 17 33
Clonmany 15 30
Moville 18 25
QPS 16 24
Culdaff 17 19
Illies 16 18
Carn 14 7
Rasheney 18 5

Strand Hotel First Division

Team P Pts
Greencastle 15 36
Redcastle 14 35
Cockhill Youths 14 29
Dunree 15 27
Carrowmena 18 16
Gleneely 17 9
Killea 16 7

Inishowen Engineering Reserve Premier Division

Team P Pts
Buncrana Res 10 22
Moville Res 8 20
Aileach Res 9 20
QPS Res 9 14
Glengad 9 14
Rasheney Res 12 12
Cockhill Colts 8 10
Clonmany Res 11 8
Redcastle Res 12 3

Inishowen Engineering Reserve First Division

Team P Pts
Sea Rovers 12 34
Illies Res 10 18
Culdaff Res 11 17
Aileach Youths 10 17
Carn Res 12 16
Rasheney Rovers 12 15
Dunree Res 13 15
Greencastle Res 11 15
Cockhill Res 9 13
Carrowmena Res 12 4


Next Fixtures

Friday 3rd April

Premier Division 5pm

Glengad V Carn
T Moyne

First Division 5 pm

Dunree V Redcastle
7pmG O Kane

Cockhill Yth V Greencastle
B Breslin

Reserve Premier Division 5pm

Aileach V Cockhill Clt
JJ Lafferty

Rasheney V Buncrana
L Porter

Redcastle V Glengad
R McDermott

Reserve Div. One 5pm

Illies V Carrowmena
J Porter

Culdaff V Sea Rovers
L Davenport

Dunree V Cockhill Res

( Wed 8th April 7.30pm )
G McLaughlin

Rasheney Rvs V Aileach Yth
B McDaid

Carn V Greencastle
A McAleer

Hannon Greene

Fr O Gara Cup
ET & Pens

QPS V Moville
Eamon Doherty


Sunday 5th April

Premier Division 2pm

Buncrana V Aileach
E Doherty

Culdaff V Glengad
T Moyne

Carn V Illies
G McLaughlin

Ulster Junior Cup

Semi Final 1.30pm

Drumoghill Celtic V Clonmany Shamrocks

First Division 2pm

Cockhill Yth V Dunree
L Davenport

Reserve Premier Division 11am

Glengad V Aileach
G McLaughlin

QPS /Mov V Clonmany
B McDaid

Cockhill Clt V Redcastle
L Davenport

Reserve Div. One11am

Greencastle V Dunree J P Fahy

Carrowmena V Rasheney Rvs S Deeney

Cockhill V Carn J Porter

Hannon Greene Insurances

Fr O Gara Cup
¼  finals  ET & Pens

Redcastle Utd V Culdaff Res2pm

M McGonigle
Ass.B McDaid & S Deeney

Greencastle FC V Aileach Youths 2pm

C Doherty
Ass.Joe Doherty & A McAleer

Illies Res V Sea Rovers 11am

JJ Lafferty  R McDermott & W Curran

QPS / Moville Res V Buncrana Res11am

Liam Porter G O’Kane & B Breslin

Easter Tuesday 6.45pm

Buncrana Credit Union Cup

Clonmany V Buncrana
B Breslin



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